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Cooperated Projects

Funding programme for networked activities in the member cities

As an inter-municipal cooperation organisation, the NRW KULTURsekretariat encourages cross-city initiatives. This often results in networked projects that cannot be funded within the programme scheme approved by the association's assembly. For this reason, the "Cooperated Projects" funding programme has been in place for years alongside the interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary programmes.

Regardless of genre, the programme supports promising events and projects that are jointly supported by at least two member cities or their publicly funded institutions. Organisers, artists, institutions and initiatives from the member cities of the NRWKS are eligible to apply. In order to meet the increasing demand for this programme, the funding has been continuously increased in recent years. The maximum funding amount is generally 10,000 euros.

The "Cooperated Projects" also form a proven basis for the long-term and sustainable further development of successful programme approaches. The successful "Soundtrips NRW" series, the "DANCEweb NRW" portal and the "Literarischer Sommer/Literaire Zomer" festival are just a few examples of how projects initiated and funded with the help of this programme give rise to lasting and growing networks that have since become independent funding priorities. These programmes were spun off from the "Cooperated Projects" and have since been provided with additional funding as independent funding programmes.