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Wakatt © Klaus Dilger


Internet platform for regional and local dance scenes in NRW

The "TANZweb NRW" (DANCEweb NRW) has established itself as a medium for the critical monitoring of dance in words, film and photography by independent dance journalists and filmmakers in NRW. The platform provides dance enthusiasts in the Cologne/Bonn, Krefeld, Wuppertal and Metropole Ruhr regions as well as - together with the international "schrit_tmacher" festival - the Euregio with a wide range of information such as event information, reviews and video material on upcoming and screened productions. In addition, research and work processes as well as discussions in and with dance and its artistic personalities are comprehensively illustrated and brought to life here. A regular newsletter also provides information about special highlights and presents news, dance policy developments and event information.

The changes triggered by the coronavirus pandemic for the performing arts and their audiences have once again clearly emphasised the importance of TANZweb.org for the visibility of dance in and from NRW. As a digital platform itself, it was and is able to maintain access to dance performances for the audience and the diverse dance scene and, in some cases, to provide access to dance from NRW itself as a streaming platform. As a medium for demanding criticism in words, images and sound, which is becoming less and less popular in print, television and radio, TANZweb NRW is an important platform for attracting new dance critics throughout Germany to engage with this art form in a value-adding way.

In 2019, TANZweb.org already began working on new forms of digital support and engagement with this art form in cross-national collaborations. The integration into a European network is planned. With further support, work is also underway to extend the platform to the dance region of NRW. The aim is also to explore new ways of communicating the art of dance - for example via scrollytelling, which is an excellent tool for in-depth portraits or reports, as well as podcasting, which is becoming increasingly popular. This will be the focus for the coming years, as will the development of audio descriptions for the DANCEwebTRAILER. They will also give non-sighted people access to dance art and its platform, which is also being used to develop a digital, contemporary archive.