Soundtrips NRW

A statewide network for improvised music

The state-wide concert series for improvised music will continue in 2022 with five Soundtrips. From 02 to 10 May, the Welsh jazz and improvised musician Rhodri Davis (harp, live electronics, composition) will tour NRW. From 08 to 17 June, the Chilean cellist Isidora Edwards and the Swedish bassist and Nina de Heney will be guests. In late August/early September, the Polish alto saxophonist Paulina Owczarek and the Dutch composer and live electronics performer Federico Reuben will be in the country. At the beginning of October, you can look forward to the Turkish-German clarinet duo Öguz Büyükberber and Tobias Klein.

"Soundtrips NRW" is characterised by a special event concept that is supported and constantly developed by various partners: Renowned musicians from NRW meet international stars, young talents meet established representatives of improvised music. In the first part of each concert, the international guests play their own programme, in the second they perform together with professionals from NRW and provide the scene with new impulses. The local hosts are also happy to give guest performances with their colleagues in other cities and thus benefit from additional performance opportunities. The network is supported by various member cities and their concert promoters, including Bielefeld, Bochum, Bonn, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Essen, Hagen, Cologne, Moers, Münster, Oberhausen and Wuppertal.

The NRW KULTURsekretariat provides significant support for this multifaceted state-wide network for improvised music, which makes it possible to experience its entire diversity of personal styles, ways of playing and sound worlds and makes significant contributions to its further development through inspiring musical encounters. The "Soundtrips NRW" have long since developed into a forum for high-quality concerts that attracts attention beyond the region. The Soundtrips Festival in autumn 2019, which celebrated the tenth anniversary of the series with concerts and discussions in Bonn, Moers, Münster and Wuppertal, has generated great attention with international impact.