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Hans Tammen © Ashok Mehta

Soundtrips NRW

A statewide network for improvised music

The renowned nationwide concert series for improvised music is entering its 15th year and is once again presenting five top-class sound trips.

Bassist Farida Amadou and guitarist Julien Desprez kicked off the series. The Belgian-French duo can be seen in Bonn (1 March), Bielefeld (2 March), Münster (3 March), Dortmund (5 March), Düsseldorf (6 March), Cologne (7 March), Duisburg (8 March) and Gelsenkirchen (9 March).

At the beginning of May, Turkish-Kazakh singer Saadet Türköz will perform with German jazz trombonist Nils Wogram in Münster (5 May), Wuppertal (6 May), Köln (7 May.), Hagen (8 May), Gelsenkirchen (9 May), Dortmund (10 May), Bochum (11 May), Düsseldorf (12 May), Essen (13 May) und Bonn (14 May).

The programme continues with a solo by French-Japanese violinist Frantz Loriot in Bielefeld (31 May), Wuppertal (1 June), Münster (2 June), Essen (3 June), Cologne (4 June), Düsseldorf (5 June), Dortmund (7 June) and Bochum (8 June).

In November, British bassist John Edwards and American saxophonist Caroline Kraabel will be on tour in NRW, performing in Oberhausen (2 November), Münster (3 November), Essen (4 November), Cologne (5 November), Düsseldorf (7 November) and Dortmund (8 November).

The tour concludes with the Mexican-Austrian musician and composer Angélica Castelló, with dates in Düsseldorf (28 November), Cologne (29 November), Bochum (30 November), Münster (1 December), Essen (2 December), Duisburg (4 December), Dortmund (6 December) and Oberhausen (7 December).