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Interventions in Urban Space

Funding programme to strengthen and make visible art actors and local cultural scenes

The "Interventionen im Stadtraum" (Interventions in Urban Space) programme, which was introduced in 2023, aims to strengthen and raise the profile of art actors and local cultural scenes, right down to the individual city districts. Due to the high demand in the first year, the funding volume for 2024 has been significantly increased.

Funding is provided for artistic interventions, for example in the form of installations with a performative element, as well as artistic interventions on current topics. The focus is on special indoor and outdoor venues, beyond the traditional stages and podiums, involving the local public.

Applications can be submitted all year round by qualified and/or project-experienced artists or cultural actors, as well as local initiatives and institutions - in conjunction with each other. The maximum funding amount is 10,000 euros. The prerequisite for funding is a recommendation from the local cultural office.