Foto: Fabian May © NRWKS

63. International Short Film Festival Oberhausen – Film and Video Art in North Rhine-Westphalia

Event trip

An international group of visitors came to North Rhine-Westphalia for the 63rd International Short Film Festival Oberhausen. The eight festival directors, curators and producers had many opportunities to get to know the film and video art scene in NRW from 11 to 15 May.

In addition to the extensive festival programme, the guests from Egypt, Japan, Latvia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Vietnam and the USA visited museums and galleries dedicated to film, but also to video and media art, and met with experts and multipliers from the field of video and film to exchange ideas.

The programme included a discussion with PR manager Ute Dilger and students of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM), as well as an exchange with Renate Buschmann, director of the Düsseldorf imai - inter media arts institute, and a meeting with the project managers of the C.A.R. Contemporary Art Ruhr fair, Silvia Sonnenschmidt and Thomas Volkmann. The visit to this fair for contemporary media art, which takes place annually at the Zeche Zollverein in Essen, was part of the programme, which was supplemented by a tour of the Kunstsammlung NRW K21 in Düsseldorf.