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I am from here / Experiencing diversity in the member cities

Participation project to mark the 50th anniversary of the NRWKS

To mark its 50th anniversary, the NRWKS and its member cities have launched a special participation project in the form of a competition for 2024. People from the member cities are invited to record their experiences on the topic of "Experiencing Diversity" in short videos or audios. All citizens, whether with or without a migration background, can apply; artistic experience is not a prerequisite.

How do I experience and practise cultural diversity in my own environment, in my neighbourhood, in my city? How can my experiences be expressed with an artistic approach? Based on these questions, personal experiences of diversity in the living environment should be captured artistically in a video/mobile phone film or an audio piece lasting a maximum of five minutes and communicated in an appealing way. The local reference to the respective city or district must be recognisable.

Information about the competition is available in the member cities, where applications must be submitted exclusively. A jury proposes the winner to the local organiser of the competition. The thematic reference, the reference to the city and the neighbourhood, the quality of the artistic approach and its creative execution; as well as the technical compatibility for digital screen display will be assessed.

The application phase in the member cities started in November 2023 and ends on 15 February 2024. The central announcement of the award winners from all participating member cities will be made by 30 June. The outstanding submissions will be awarded prize money and presented in the NRWKS online media from summer 2024