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Muito Kaballa © Albrecht Korff

Music Cultures

Funding programme of global music in NRW

With the "Music Cultures", the two NRW Kultursekretariats in Wuppertal and Gütersloh run a support programme for global music in NRW. The joint performance network offers grants to relevant concert organisers in the member cities for performances by selected artists and ensembles.

For the period 01.07.2023 to 30.06.2024, funding can be applied for the following groups: Anewal, Anima Shirvani, Antifona, Fl!m, Luah, Muito Kaballa, Kioomars Musayyebi & Andreas Heuser, Kostantis Pistiolis, Rakija Klezmer Orkestra; in addition for children's concerts #kreuzvier and Karibuni. In addition, two musical-literary programmes on "Spuren nach Iran" (Traces of Iran) will be offered in connection with the "Werkproben".

From 01.07.2924 to 30.06.2025 events with Anima Shirvani, Antigua, Constantinople, Kadinelia, Mariama & Vieux, Mariola Membrevis, Tante Friedl, Transorient Orchestra, Tsaziken, Yalda Abbasî & Trio Sêreng as well as the two ensembles for children's concerts: Anahad and Sieben40 Trio will be supported.

The performances are subsidised with a grant of 50 per cent of the fee. Applications can be submitted throughout the year. Higher subsidies are possible if other concerts are applied for at the same time.

The ensembles were selected by an advisory board of about 20 institutions, experts and musicians, which acts as an expert committee for performances and dialogue projects. It also has a networking effect on the scene, prepares measures for qualification and develops projects for cultural education and refugee work.

An important component of the "Music Cultures" are the musical "dialogues" of musicians from different cultures, financed and managed by the NRWKS. Workshops and rehearsals lasting several days offer the opportunity for intensive exchange. The entire working process is actively promoted by the NRWKS and documented on film, right up to the final concerts, which are also funded. The 18th Dialogue Project in May 2023 will be dedicated to combining the musical forms of raga and maqam from the Near and Middle East with local avant-garde free improvisational music.

Once again, the Landesmusikakademie NRW and the boths NRW Kultursekretariats are supporting two ensembles in the development of interactive children's concert programmes in the field of global music cultures. The groups Anahad and sieben40 Trio were selected for coaching in spring 2023.