Foto: Wilko Austermann © NRWKS

Museum 2.0 – Forms of Virtual and Augmented Reality as Interactive Ways to Engage with Art

Event trip

The first guests of the International Visitors Programme 2018 dedicated themselves in January to "Museum 2.0." and the possibilities offered by virtual and augmented reality as interactive access to art.

The reason for the trip of the six visitors, including museum directors, curators and lecturers from Belgium, France, Georgia, Great Britain, Romania and Turkey, was the exhibition "MIRÓ - World of Monsters" at the Max Ernst Museum Brühl of the LVR, for which the museum developed the augmented reality app "Miró 2.0" in cooperation with the Cologne Game Lab (CGL), the Institute for Game Development & Research of the Cologne University of Applied Sciences. As an accompanying programme to the exhibition, a two-day international workshop was also held on the question of how forms of virtual and augmented reality ensure interactive access to visual art and thus expand the classical museum forms of presentation and mediation.  

In addition to attending the workshop and exchanging ideas with those responsible, the guests met with Zil Lilas, Professor of Media Arts/3D Animation, and Ute Dilger, Head of PR at the KHM, at the Cologne Academy of Media Arts (KHM) to exchange ideas about the possible uses of digital media in a cultural context and relevant projects at the university.

In addition, the visitors took part in a "TimeRide", a virtual reality tour through the historical Cologne of the imperial era, and then talked to its founder Jonas Rothe.