Foto: Wilko Austermann © NRWKS

PLURIVERSALE VI – Current Global Developments and their Resonance in the Cultural Landscape of North Rhine-Westphalia

Event trip

Guests of the International Visitors Programme devoted themselves to current global developments and their resonance in the cultural landscape of North Rhine-Westphalia from 17 to 20 April. The reason for the visit to NRW was PLURIVERSALE VI of the Cologne-based Academy of the Arts of the World, whose six-month programme dealt with the post-democratic developments and regressive tendencies in political, social and cultural systems that can be observed worldwide.    

Guests from France, Poland, South Africa, the Netherlands and the USA attended the symposium "The Extreme Centre - On the Future of Politics in Populist Times" held in Cologne in this context.

In addition, the visitors had the opportunity to get to know relevant institutions and projects in NRW that are addressing these political, social and cultural challenges.