Foto: Peter Wallgram © NRWKS

hellwach – The international festival for young audiences in North Rhine-Westphalia

Event trip

The international theatre festival for young audiences in NRW took place for the seventh time in Hamm and six other cities in the Hellweg cultural region in 2017. This was the occasion for a group of international guests from Egypt, Brazil, China, El Salvador, India and Romania to stay in NRW from 12 to 17 February. The extensive festival programme with discussion rounds, talks and a workshop of the German ASSITEJ network offered the visitors the opportunity to exchange ideas and make new contacts.

Meetings with organisers and experts from the scene complemented the programme: In Bielefeld, the guests met with Dietlind Budde and Harald Otto Schmid (artistic directors of the Alarm Theatre), in Hamm with Michael Lurse and Barbara Kölling (artistic directors of the Helios Theatre), in Bochum with Martina van Boxen (director of the Junges Schauspielhaus) and Annette Dabs (director of FIDENA - Figurentheater der Nationen), as well as in Gelsenkirchen with those responsible at the Consol Theatre (Christiane Freudig, managing director, Georg Kentrup, dramaturg, and Andrea Kramer, artistic director).