Zu sehen sind fünf Personen auf einer Wiese, auf der bunte aufgespannte Schirme liegen
© »Between the Houses«, Raphaela Kula, Bielefeld 2020

Quarter Funding

Strengthening of culture of diverse urban society on the ground in the member cities of NRWKS

In 2018, the NRW KULTURsekretariat launched a new program to spotlight the diversity of urban society in its member cities. By promoting mostly amateur and voluntary projects with professional support from the cultural offices, the aim is to stimulate and promote cultural life directly on site. The spectrum of objectives of the measures ranges from increasing the attractiveness of the neighborhoods to strengthening the local sense of belonging and supporting already active local initiatives, structures and networks. This funding approach was proposed by the program committee of the member cities.

Applicants for projects with these focal points are civic initiatives, associations or artists based in decentralized city districts who know their own neighborhood and its needs best.

An essential prerequisite for funding is an established, professional tandem partner from the field of art and culture with whom the project is carried out jointly. Depending on the project and its initiator, partners can be institutions as well as individuals.

Applications are prepared together with the public cultural administration and finally forwarded to the NRWKS by the member cities. The member city itself contributes 25% of the costs to the funding of the project.