Quartett, Oper Dortmund, © Thomas Jauk

New Music Theater Fund

Commissioned compositions, world premieres and premieres for NRW

The New Music Theater Fund was established in 2001 to stimulate more new work in music theater and thus provide a counterpoint to the "classical" repertoire. Since 2001, more than 170 music theater productions have been realized with the support of this funding instrument. Ten more grants have been applied for in 2020.

Together with the Düsseldorf district government and the NRW Ministry of Culture, the funding procedure was revised and simplified in 2019 to expand the scope of possibilities for funding applications. In particular, funding can now also be applied for longer project planning phases of up to three years - this is much more in line with theater practice.

To enable commissioned compositions, world premieres and premières at the theaters and opera houses in NRW, the state's Ministry of Culture provides the NRW KULTURsekretariat with special funding of 250,000 euros annually for the houses.

In addition to commissions for new compositions, this fund also supports performances of younger and contemporary works. In addition, since 2010, funding has also been available for dance productions that incorporate new music performed live by the house's orchestra. Since 2019, applications can also be submitted for revivals.