Ein Netz aus braunen Fäden spannt sich über eine gezeichnete Europakarte
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European Networks

A programme for culture and environmental sustainability in urban contexts

The "European Networks" programme initiated a multi-stage development process dedicated to the connection between culture and ecological sustainability. Especially in cities and their individual neighbourhoods and quarters, questions of reducing one's own carbon footprint are pressing: How are urban spaces used? What role must art and culture play in managing the transition to a sustainable, inclusive society and in the sustainable transformation of urban spaces and neighbourhoods in the post-Covid era? What contribution can cultural institutions with their productions, independent culture and also the cultural administration make, or what structural change processes are needed? And what challenges does the cultural administration face in meeting the new tasks at the administrative level, what methodological competence must be built up here?

There is no doubt that all areas of urban coexistence, work, business, living, consumption, leisure and mobility must be scrutinised for possible contributions to climate-neutral action. neutral action. The potential of climate-neutral cultural work in urban contexts has hardly been exhausted yet. An important milestone on this path is the submission of a Creative Europe application in 2022 on art and culture as changemakers of sustainable urban society. The application aims to qualify actors and cultural practitioners, who are to be equipped with the corresponding competences through international networking. Together with a number of member cities and European partner cities, the path to a multi-year project is to be taken.