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This is not a feminist project

Artists residency in Athens
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»This is not a feminist project« is a multimedia online platform that presents the documented history of the Greek Women's Movement and showcases contemporary female stories via a living, digital archive/timeline. The platform incorporates a broad range of media, from audio-visual to digitised printed material.

As a segment of »This is not a feminist project’s« cultural/artistic activities, we would like to propose the realisation of an artists residency in collaboration with a selected female artist from North Rhine-Westphalia who works with new media and moving image, and is committed to engaging with diverse communities and exploring matters relevant to our initiative’s focus.

This artists residency will be the first of its kind in Greece, and will offer the selected artist a unique opportunity to live and work in Athens, reflect on women’s affairs and create an individual artistic project/artwork while immersing herself in the Athenian cultural field.

Our team will provide her with accommodation, utilities, curatorial and administrative help, and facilitate access to women’s communities, contacts, tools, materials and information needed for research and production. In addition to that, our team will encourage her to interact with the local art context and will give her the means to experiment with her artistic practice. The creative process of the residency will be
documented for future reference and for archival/promotional needs.

The artwork produced during the artists residency should cover the following requirements:
● It will be a result of cross-cultural and interdisciplinary research
● The artist will utilise a wide range of evidence as well as a variety of artistic materials (i.e from new media, video to ephemera) in order to produce it
● It should have the capacity to be presented in several formats (online/offline) and dynamics, and for different audiences around Europe
● It will be a product of work with migrant/refugee women from different origins who reside in Greece
● It will function as a critical and cultural memory
● It will challenge traditional assumptions
The artwork will be developed within two months (December 2018-January 2019)
and the artist will have to spend four to six weeks in Athens, and work closely with the following members of our team starting October:
Vasia Ntoulia (cultural manager & filmmaker) based in Greece
Mare Spanoudaki (curator & researcher) based in Greece
Dimitra Maragkaki (art historian & curator) based in Germany

We will exhibit the artwork both in Greece and Germany, and in the future our intention is to present it in more countries around Europe. The artwork will additionally be integrated to our digital platform and become part of the archive.
The terms regarding the conceptual focus of the artwork are to be taken broadly. However, it should be created in light of the artist’s perspective, current concerns, inquiries, responses, and experimental explorations related to migrant/refugee women, and grapple with themes such as these of place, identity, representation, empowerment, precarity, stereotypes, resilience etc.

Based on the above criteria we decided to invite the German artist Jana Koelmel to be the first artist in residence of »This is not a feminist project«.

Jana Koelmel has exhibited internationally and her special interest in issues of place, identity and the human condition are crucial for the realisation of »This is not a feminist project’s« artists residency of 2018/2019. Jana Koelmel has also engaged with diverse communities in the past, on different levels, interweaving forms of spoken, written and visual language in order to trigger emotions and memories, generate connections and stimulate new discussions. Her last piece was a collaboration with dancer and choreographer Dennis Newie on his ancestral island home, Mua, in Australia, during
which she documented and delved deeper into how the residents manage to maintain their local culture and traditions.

November 2018 till February 2019