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Free Movement

An artistic project on Freedom in Dance and Philosophy, Theater der Klänge, Düsseldorf
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Cognitiv part

The Youth Exchange Programme's approach consists of daring to focus on major philosophers in order to discover its impact on today's life.

Together with the Greek and German youth group and artists, we will take time to share individual understanding of personal and global freedom, in order to find material for a dance project. This process should inspire and help the participants, as a first step: to realize how different or not these visions for the two European groups can be; furthermore, it should help them to find material and to transpose it into movement.

We believe that the process of understanding philosophical texts, on a theoretical basis, and the process of transposing that understanding into a physical awareness and movement, are able to initiate a way leading to thinking beyond the classical debate.

To enable Greek and German participants to get a real picture of what unites or separates them, we'll use methods of political and cultural education, thus helping to activate and enrich their cognitive and motor skills.

This phase will take part at Arbeit und Leben DBG/VHS NRW space (two days)
Ongoing project 2018

Second step
New part: artistic part
The joint project consists of three phases (7 Days): the preparatory, the joint discussion and the artistic trying out. The outcome of the first three phases will lead to the fourth one, a public showing.

As above, the Heinrich Heine University literature lecturer will start working, in November 2018, with the two groups of ten Greek and German young people (between 18-27 years) on a chosen german philosophical text about FREEDOM.

Following that process, the two choreographers from Theater der Klänge, Düsseldorf and Echodrama, Athens will help the young people to look for metaphors and images, by using this outcome, to transfer spoken words into movement and travelling in space.

Probenstudio des Theaters der Klänge, Düsseldorf