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The digital revolution leads to fundamental changes in cultural and social practice and discourse.

Digital media are not only undergoing permanent change themselves – digitisation processes are at the same time reflected in numerous fields of social action.

Thus, not only new aesthetics but also changed perceptual patterns, forms of interactions and participation models arise in various artistic genres and areas.
At the beginning of 2015, a new line of funding was established to support, initiate or develop in particular projects which meet the needs of digitalisation: like, for example, the internet platform “Tanzweb” (Dance Web), which has long developed into an independently funded project and serves the umbrella organisation Dance as a role model throughout Germany for the development of the “tanzmedia.de” web portal.

In 2017 the “digital culture” will be further expanded and realigned with the focus on performative arts.
For years, the NRW KULTURsekretariat has dealt with the internet and social media, digital arts and computer games.

While “Next Level” focuses on the art and culture of digital games with growing success, the interactive “museumsplattform nrw” acts as a digital hub for curated art on the net.

Since 2016, digital culture has also been the thematic focus of the first “Transfer International”.

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary in September 2014, a strategy paper was adopted that has art and culture in the digital society anchored as one focus of perspective.

Since then and in future, this topic will be further expanded to include electronic communication platforms and mediation offerings but also medium for the design of experimental art and dialogic action.

The aim is above all, to advance the discourse on digital potential and effects by looking at different traditional cultural and art institutions and to work on these topics together.